Monday, November 23, 2009

Unlock any iPhone including 3G 2-2-1

iPhone is a constant struggle for many iPhone owners are. The incident is the fact that the hardware comes with a restriction - that is, what can be done only in conjunction with the AT & T, which will ensure that the official network. This move commercial fans very unhappy, because it is believed that the functions of this "rule" limited, which is programmed into the iPhone. So he started looking for a solution to unlock the iPhone. Some call this jailbreaking process.

In a few weeks ago, a teenager came up with an innovative way to unlock the iPhone and posted the video on the popular video Web site YouTube. The video has attracted hundreds of thousands of page views, probably eager iPhone owners trying to unlock their gadget generation. This opened up the entire block against the opening of the game. Owners now know that you can unlock the iPhone.

Shortly thereafter, web sites began to spring up all over the Internet and claimed that the software that will help unlock the iPhone. An unlocked iPhone can be used to install third party software and applications. These applications can then be used to literally gigabytes of downloadable content for free on the Internet. This content is music, video and other software, wallpapers, etc.

Providers understand the needs and desires of the owners. This software is designed to help the iPhone, but also bundles of tons of useful and free bonuses with every purchase. Fans can download to their hearts after unlocking their iPhone.

Early development method is cumbersome and not very efficient. It requires the owner to manipulate the hardware, before the gadget can be unlocked. But the developers has grown so much that they are able to come with an easy to use-to-use software solution. The use of software means that there is no need to work on hardware. Simply install the software, follow the instructions, and the gadget will be released in a few minutes. Subsequently, each SIM card can be used to connect any airline in the world.

If a client is always running into problems when it is enabled, there is always a support service to assist in stand-by to respond to emails and solve customer problems. To date, a provider of various solutions for sustainable development that have sold thousands of copies of this software. Some have even sold a million times.

Previous generations of software to unlock the version should be like 1 .*, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1. Then Apple came with firmware updates. Some iPhone owners complained that their equipment has been arrested again after updating the firmware. And they are not able to use the software to unlock your phone again.

Well, the latest version of the software, not only unlocks the version 2.2 and 2.2.1, it also transforms 3G iPhone. This may be a surprise to many phone numbers for the owners, as most expect a SIM Unlock Card for iPhone 3G. The solution is compatible and can still be used, advice and all previous versions of iPhone.

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